Meet Kayli

So I'm Kayli and I'm writing my own introduction which feels weird, but I'm just going to roll with it. Let's start with a little bit about Crush Co.. Crush Co. is my baby, my business that started as something completely different but has evolved into a job that I love and often can't believe I had not even thought about until a year and a half ago! Crush Co. is a styling and photography company for small businesses and restaurants, but when i started it it was supposed to be a installation art, and custom event production company. Yeah it took quite the turn there. Previous to crush co. I worked in the wedding industry in one form or another for 8 years. And I loved it, and also hated it at times, which I think a lot of wedding pros struggle with but that's like a whole other very specific blog rant. Anyway Crush Co. started with the intentions of making bad ass backdrops for weddings and really cool window installs for shops ---> then I did a little styling for a friends company ---> that turned into offering product styling ---> which turned into having to pick up a camera and learn how to use it ---> which turned into me stressing hardcore ---> then  I'm getting referral work, my prop and photography supplies are growing, I'm upgrading my camera, learning how to edit in lightroom ---> leading to weddings and events just being a distant memory.

And here we are now I'm completely focused on styling & photography for small brands. I still struggle with calling myself a professional photographer though... I mostly shoot from my home in San Francisco and you'll often see my dog Maverick making appearances in my behind the scenes insta stories. He is an amazing photo shoot companion in my opinion. I'm getting married next year to my favorite person, so I do still have a hand in the wedding industry for the time being. My fiancé Keith is very outdoorsy and pushes me to do a lot of things I would otherwise have no interest in, like camping and hiking. I've always considered myself a foodie, and in addition to the professional challenges of starting a business in a new field, it's a personal challenge to not eat everything on "set" after the shoots are over. And in case this all sounds like I just hit the life jackpot by finding something I love and instantly made a career out of it, I do still work full time managing a wine bar here in the city.  And I have no idea how long it's going to take before I can run my business full time without having another job, so don't expect any evening emails from me.


At this point I'm balancing that rush of excitement I get from all of my ideas and hopes for the future of my company, with days of self-doubt and thoughts of quitting like any other entrepreneur. I'm hoping this blog will be a place for me to share recipes, entertaining tips, diys, and things that I would want to read on the internet, as well as a place to be transparent about starting my own creative business.  So if there's anything you want to know please leave a comment and let me know!


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