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There are few things in life that I enjoy more than a cheese board. I will always choose it as my dessert course if its offered, and it's my go to "cheat meal".  So when the girls come over it's always a given that their will indeed be cheese involved(and wine.). It's also a time to pull all of the pillows from around my house and make a girls camp out with cheese instead of a fire pit. Which is a totally normal thing to do if you're at my house.  We rarely have evenings in the bay area where it's warm enough to linger outside, so can you blame me? Thank you Indian Summer!

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You'll probably also notice that I'm slightly obsessed with mud cloth right now. It's slowly creeping into every room of the house... 

Perfect Cheese Board via Crush Co.
Perfect Cheese Plate at Home via Crush Co.

There are certain things that make up the "perfect" cheese board

First you have to have a minimum of 3 cheeses; 1 soft, 1 firm, and 1 funky. For this board I went with 4 cheeses because there is no such thing as too much cheese. My soft cheese being a brie, my funky being a blue, and two firm cheeses; one salty parmesan and, one nutty gruyere. I'm also really partial to serving my cheese boards on wooden serving boards ,but that part is purely aesthetic.

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I also like to add charcuterie to my boards, usually two kinds for balance. Although the charcuterie isn't necessary it does help convince yourself that this an acceptable dinner. Because protein.

Although cheese is clearly the star of the show we can not get by without bread! A fresh baguette is cheese's best friend. I typically have to buy a backup loaf to compensate for all of the snacking before anyone actually gets to the party.

A must have for the perfect cheese board is fresh seasoanl fruit. Cheese and bread alone can really ruin an appetite for more cheese and more bread. Some places will serve their cheeses with dried fruits which are still delicious but don't cleanse the palate quite the same way. Seasonal fruit really helps break up all of the creamy goodness that can sometimes be to much. 

Perfect Cheese Plate at Home via Crush Co.

This brings me to my next item. Balsamic. Balsamic is like my secret weapon to spice things up and also make things pretty. Seriously, your avo toast isn't instagrammable? Add a drizzle of balsamic. Bam! You're welcome babes.

Also balsamic is very flattering to cheese. I usually like it with my blue or parm but the gruyere I bought needed a little boost and MiaBella's Balsamic Vinegar did just that. Plus it's great for dipping the aforementioned bread (and the figs with prosciutto!).

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Perfect Cheese Plate at Home via Crush Co.

For the finishing touches I alike to add almonds which are great for filling in blank spaces on your board, and fresh blooms to add a little color. All you need after that is wine and friends!



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