Moscow Rose - A Valentine's Story

Rose Cocktail via Crush Co.

Hey Babes! It's almost the big V-Day which some of you may be excited about while others are cringing at reading another Valentines blog post. I honestly love the majority of Valentine's Day, in which I mean I love that everything is pink everywhere you go. Usually starting about half way into new years eve. I just think it's one of the cuter holidays! I'll take hearts and flowers over leprechauns and turkeys any day. However I never really get into the idea of 'Valentine's dates' I kinda feel like unless you have a truly amazing over the top boyfreind/girlfreind in High School the idea is shattered pretty quickly.  I'm nearly 30 and I've yet to be "blown away" by a romantic Valentine's evening. But you know what I do like? And what has blown me away on many occasions? A great cocktail! Okay that sounds a tad on the alcoholic side, but if you've ever been to the Chandelier Bar in The Cosmopolitan, or had a nitrogen cocktail at the SLS in LA then I think you catch my drift?

rose coktail via crush co.

Anyway this drink is not necessarily going to blow you away like the aforementioned concoctions, but it will give you something pretty to sip on with your girls or you boo come Valentine's Night!

rose cocktail via crush co.
rose cocktail via crush co.

Side note did anyone else think the history of Valentine's day was about a priest who was granting marriages to forbidden lovers in the night? A la the Trader Joe's commercials that come on every year. Well apparently that's not the case. And your saying to yourself 'Kayli, you're an adult woman you should know that's not true and that its a gimmick to make you feel a nostalgia about the holiday'. Well yes I should have know that, but it wasn't until I watched this weeks episode of 911(yes cheesy, but Basset) that Angela Basset gave me the low down. The true origins of the holiday is all about beating women and then raffling them off for the night to men. Beating women with animal hides to make them more fertile, obvi. And now you're saying to yourself 'Kayli, maybe you should pick up a book and stop learning everything from tv and radio commercials'.  Yeah... let's get to the cocktail.

rose cocktail via crush co.
rose cocktail via crush co.

When I set out to make this drink the only ingredient I knew I wanted to incorporate was the rose water. I had never used it before but have heard that it brings a beautiful floral note to cocktails. While I was out shopping I stumbled across this Belvoir Elderflower & Rose Lemonade
and it really makes the whole drink. Combined with vodka and lemon juice I ended up just creating a variation on the traditional Moscow Mule hence the "Moscow Rose" was born. You can find the Elderflower Lemonade at Whole Foods, World Market or on Amazon



2 oz. Vodka

1/2 a lemon

4 to 6 oz. Sparkling Elderflower Lemonade

2-3 dashes of Rose Water

Optional Rose Petals


Squeeze Lemon into a shaker with Ice, I actually used the juice of a whole lemon because I din't feel like my lemons we're juicy enough, add vodka, and rose water as well.

Shake it up good.

Pour over ice and top with Sparkling Elderflower Lemonade, garnish with rose petals, and serve!


I hope you guys enjoy this cocktail, I think I'm also going to keep it around for the Bachelor Finale.

Cheers Lovlies!

kayli atha